I am a French-Australian woman living in Western Australia. My work is concerned with the restoration of old ways of connecting with the natural world, with the aim to support the wellbeing of individuals and communities. One facet of this work has been developed through collaborative research related to land and water governance in relation to social and cultural wellbeing, in various countries and with Indigenous partners. I have had the chance to learn alongside people with deep knowledge of the relational ways of Nature, and the place of humans in that. In a spirit of collaboration and translation, we have been writing, making films, and teaching. You can find out more about my collaborators and our work under “Research Projects”.

I am currently working as a research consultant, although most of my past work has been conducted as an academic. I am still affiliated with the Australian Rivers Institute, Griffith University, the University of Western Australia‘s Sustainable Waterways Program, and with the Nulungu Institute, Notre-Dame University, as an adjunct. My training has included an engineering degree from a geoscience engineering school in France (l’Ecole Nationale Superieure de Geologie), and a PhD from the University of Western Australia with joint enrolment in Environmental Engineering and Cultural Anthropology. My postdoctoral appointments have been with the Ohio State University in Columbus, USA, and the Australian Rivers Institute at Griffith University, Australia. You can have a look at publications on my Google Scholar page.

My interest in different cultural lenses on the place of humans in ‘Nature’ and practices of connection and wellbeing in different wisdom traditions has led me to my own practice of Nei Gong and ancient Chinese internal martial arts. I relate strongly to wild and remote places, which inspire me to write poetry and take photographs – you can have a look at upcoming books on the ‘Creative Writing‘ page via the main menu.

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